Concrete Services

Residential concrete work that will leave you with solid confidence (and no stress cracks). Old cracked, chipped and damaged concrete is one of the biggest things that can impact the enjoyment, functionality and value of your home. With RTFT Concrete, you can rest assured that our experienced and friendly team will get the job done Right… The First Time.

Choose your flooring, we take care of the rest!


Not only does a properly landscaped yard look better, but it can be better for your wallet. Experience the difference a properly landscaped yard looks when it is done right. The first time. 

Roofing Services

RTFT Roofing provides commercial & residential roofing services to Lethbridge and surrounding area. 

Turn your current home into the home of your dreams with RTFT Exteriors!

Irrigation Services

Maintain and enhance a beautiful landscape with convenience and efficiency of residential irrigation from RTFT Irrigation. Our sprinkler and drip systems create a worry-free way to manage watering and plant care with minimal effort. 

Lighting Services

Illuminating the exterior of your home adds depth and curb appeal. Lighting by RTFT adds a high-end look to your home, expands your outdoor space and improves property security.

Snow Removal

Whether you are ready or not, the white stuff is on it’s way. Stay cozy and relax indoors while we remove the snow from your pathways, sidewalk and driveway. You’ll be glad you did.


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